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SEO Web Design Tips

SEO is fast becoming one of the best ways to reach new customers online. Search engine optimization helps Google and other search engines determine what websites should be listed for a search term. Digital marketing has the power to dramatically increase quality leads and sales for the smart businesses that invest in quality digital marketing services . Sounds like this would be a simple thing to do, add a few keywords and bam, your website is #1 for your best keywords. Sorry to say, this is not the case. Think about it, what if your website ranked #1 for the keyword phrase "new house". Your website would have hundreds of thousands if not more, views from new potential home owners from around the world. You could make millions off of the commission checks for each new home sold from your website alone. Now, with this in mind, how easy do you think it is to rank high in search for that keyword phrase? Have a different answer now? Online marketing is a lot of work