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Oregon Fishing Trips

Fishing in Oregon If you've ever wanted to go fishing, Oregon has many prime destinations. From Portland to Astoria, the state is home to prime fishing locations for every season. Here are some ideas for your next fishing trip in Oregon. The Adventure Coast is home to many prime fishing spots, including the famed Rogue River. You can even take your fishing gear with you to save on fuel costs. Here are some other tips to make your fishing vacation as successful as possible. For a unique and memorable fishing trip, consider one of the many Portland Oregon fishing charters. Portland is located at the meeting point of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, which means that it offers the perfect environment for trophy-caliber fishing. In addition to the larger rivers, the area has several smaller bodies of water that are ideal for fishing. Here, you can choose from half-day trips or a full-day trip to catch a variety of fish. Astoria Oregon Fishing Vacation For the avid fisherman, an Astor