Google Services - Updated List 2023

List of major services and products Google has launched since they were founded in 1998:


  • Google Search - Optimize your pages for ranking in organic search with keywords, content, backlinks and technical SEO.
  • Gmail - Write compelling subject lines and preview text in emails to drive opens and engagement.
  • Google Maps - Complete your Google My Business profile with images, descriptions and contact info.
  • Google Calendar - Add schema markup to integrate your calendar with search engines.
  • Google Docs - Use keyword-optimized titles and headers for documents you publish online.
  • Google Drive - Make sure files have descriptive names using target keywords.
  • Google+ - No longer active, but focus on engagement on active social media networks.
  • Google Analytics - Install tracking code on all site pages to enable collecting data.
  • Google AdWords -Research and bid on commercial keywords relevant to your products/services.
  • Google Fiber - Having fast internet helps improve website speed, a positive ranking factor.
  • Google Translate - Translate your content to reach users in other languages.
  • Google Chrome - Ensure your website is fully optimized for the Chrome browser.
  • Google Cloud - Use managed hosting on Google Cloud to improve site performance.
  • Google Photos - Add descriptive titles, captions and tags to images to optimize them.
  • Google Voice - Claim and optimize your Google Voice business profile.
  • Google Hangouts - Use video and hangouts to connect with audiences.
  • Google Pay - Having payment options can improve conversions and sales.
  • Google Home - Optimize for voice search to show up on smart speakers.
  • Google Pixel - Design responsive mobile sites accessible on the Pixel and other phones.
  • YouTube - Use keywords, titles, descriptions and transcripts to optimize videos.
  • Waze - Ensure business listing is complete with hours, directions and contact info.


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